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Why I Choose to NOT Grieve

Since social media exists, I am always being exposed to the passing of other people against my will. I know social media is a choice that has it pros and cons, but a big con for me is that sometimes when I am trying to mind my business, I find myself in business I have no business being in.

I hope that made sense to you.

I'm seeing celebrity deaths, friends of friends' deaths, the aunty to the third cousin-in-law big brother's deaths. You get the point. I do sympathize, but sometimes, I'd rather not know because I hate to see people experiencing pain and it keeps my mind revisiting death unnecessarily.

Now, death has creeped its way into my family with my Bonus father's recent passing. We know death is a part of life, but nothing can prepare you for physically departing from the people you love.

Like always, I go deep. I believe in the power of words, and I give credit to the Buddhist Temple I attend for opening me up to the practice of chanting. Chanting breaks each word down to the syllable to show how every part of a word carries a vibration. The vibrations carry a message out into the Universe to bring back what you speak.

If you want to bring this back to the bible, (I think it is only right for me to include scriptures when talking about my Bonus Dad, Reverend Stewart) Proverbs 15:4 Gentle words bring life and health; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.”

No matter what spiritual language you speak, your words have power. That is a fact!

When we look up the Entomology of the word grieve, it means to make worried or depressed; to make angry, enrage; to be physically painful, cause discomfort. When you constantly say you are "grieving," you are activating the energy of the definition to find its way back into your spirit and life. It can become a cycle where you remain stuck and never allow your spirit to have the ease of the Higher Message behind the connection you had with that person.

Ultimately, there is a deeper meaning behind the relationship and once you have discovered it, your pain turns into your purpose. You become One with that person because you've allowed yourself to love them in the form of a spirit without holding on to their physical presence. The relationship has now redefined itself and it continues to live through you.

But.... it's a process not a punishment.

Passing is a part of life. When it shows up at your doorsteps, you learn how to process. Everything you face in life, you process. We get stuck in our processing when we avoid the deeper meaning behind our experiences. Chose to speak on what you want, but I do not wish grievance on you. I wish a high innerstanding. I send the energy of love, and joy to replenish you as you learn how to process. John 15:3 “Already you are clean because of the word that I have spoken to you.”

I am still processing the passing of my Bonus Dad. My mind is in a state of reflecting on the beautiful memories that we have and learning how to be more intentionally with spending time in my little brother's and mother's life as they process. May this message resonate with you with whatever you are processing at this time. Sending you my love. -Coach Ce

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