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What changed my life the most...

If you know me personally, you know I am very transparent. Sometimes to a fault because I can see the uncomfortable looks on people's faces when I catch myself "oversharing." But today, as I sat on my balcony reflecting on my weekend, my heart is compelled to share.

Moving to Florida completely put me out of my comfort zone in many different areas of my life. I went canoeing in a lake surrounded by wildlife. Yes, there were alligators, snakes, turtles and some unidentifiable life forces. Along with some beautiful green lily pads lined around the banks, palm trees swaying in the wind, and exotic flowers luminating the river floor. The alluring blue skies, soft, fluffy clouds and smooth breeze added a nice charm to the magical experience.

It was our first time canoeing, and the takeoff was pretty rough. The banks were filled with locals who were swimming in the lake, playing music, and having a great time. I did not know my family would be the entertainment as we crashed into the lily pads and banks. We even knocked people over on their paddle boards and crashed into other canoes. You can tell we came from up north where we didn't spend much time doing water activities. The crowd on the side lines bellowed in laughter as they tried to direct us on how to row. It was the most embarrassing, yet funniest moment ever.

We finally got the hang of it and gently glided down the lake to the natural blue springs. I felt the stress hormone release in my body every time I mistaken a branch for an alligator. I repeated to myself, "You are safe and protected," to allow my nervous system to return to homeostasis. In no time, we were met with the beautiful blue springs.

Realizing when I stretched myself and conquered a fear, the feeling of gratitude consumes my entire being. It begins to radiate outside of me and I am filled with a joy and excitement for being alive. Truly high off life.

What change my life the most, was stepping boldly into my fears with no attachment to the outcome. Fear allows you to flow. It removes the control you convinced yourself you had and completely make you rely on faith. Who are you when you can't control the outcome?

One thing I cannot deny about fear is that it reveals your true self. Some people become more fearful. They drown in negative thoughts and struggle to resurface on a solid ground, with promising thoughts. That was who I use to be. If you are someone who identifies with these patterns of spiraling out of control with thought that drag you into devastation, hope can be restored.

Cultivating a mind that works for you instead of against you is a practice. In order to put yourself in the game to explore yourself, you have to boldly face your fears. In those moments, you can analyze who you are and decide on who you want to become. What works for me are mantras or reminding myself the desired outcome. If you know what you don't want, remind yourself of what you do.

The beauty of fear is that it carries many lessons. If you are willing to be the student of yourself and strengthen your faith, I encourage you to play on your fears and watch your life unfold in a way that expand your soul with a newfound zest for life. At the end of the day, it's all about Continued Expansion.

-Coach Ce

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