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Getting Ready to Be Ready

Getting Ready to Be Ready

What if....what you are going through is getting you ready to appreciate what's to come?

Lately, I have been working on building a new relationship with obstacles in life. When I know things are inevitable, I try to redefine what they mean to me in order to develop a relationship that is more in the flow than not. What I mean by in the flow is a relationship that is more allowing and feels good.

Realizing our obstacles are there to bring us clarity, it helps us truly define what we don't want so we are more clear on what we do want. The idea of getting ready to be ready is just that. As we move through life, you are preparing yourself to receive what you actually want. Sometimes we may have an idea, but it is our obstacles that give us the clarity on what we are actually longing for.

If we are presented with what we want before we took the course of preparation, we may not be as appreciative of it. Our true appreciation for something we have gained is built through the lack of it. There is so much power in lack.

Power in Lack

Lack, challenges, failures, disappointments, whatever you want to call them, can only lead us to two options. Either you accept or deny. When we deny these situations, we fall victim to our circumstances. Yesterday, I watched a movie called "Beats" on Netflix. In this movie, based in Chicago, a mother experienced the loss of her daughter due to gun violence. Her son survived, but it caused the mother to become overly protective and never let her son come out of the house again.

The son had a talent for making beats and music. He was unable to express his talents, go to school, or even hang out with his friends as a normal teenager should because he had a fear of going outside. When his family experiences difficult times, it traumatized them and made them shut down from living fully in their lives. They were willing to throw their entire life's purpose away due to one traumatic incident.

How many of us can relate to this? How many of us have had so many failed relationships that we have given up on love? How many of us received rejections from our dream jobs so we play small and settle for careers that don't allow our full talents to flourish? And how many of us remain in our comfort zone because we have experienced these things? The truth is, we can't avoid these times, we only have to find ways to make them make sense to us. What if that failed relationship was setting you up to appreciate a better partner, the rejection from that job was protecting you from a situation that did not serve you, and the comfort zone is not helping you grow in any way?


As we humbly trod through life, we have to understand we are here to learn. Our learning comes through these unfavorable times. They teach us about what we think about and gives us the opportunity to change. It also helps us get clarity on what we do want. The problem is, when we get what we don't want, we complain about it and continued to give it energy so we continued to get what we don't want. We get trapped in the cycle until we find ourselves feeling defeated. Life was never meant to defeat you. Take the power out of lack and gain the clarity you need to move forward.

Questions from your coach

1. Can you remember a time when an unfavorable situation left your feeling defeated?

2. What lesson did this situation ultimately bring?

3. What became more clear to you from the situation?

Hope this motivates you on this Monday morning! let me know your thoughts and feedback! If you would like to schedule a discovery session and work with me, select the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Remember, never give up on yourself!

Have a Happy Monday

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