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Coach Celicia

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Certified Professional Coach
Energy Leadership Master Practitioner

Certified Domestic Violence Advocate


Meditation Advocate

Nature Enthusiast 

Life taught me resilience.
It could be cloudy or sunny, either way, I'm going to shine. 

Shine through immigrating to a foreign country.

Shine through quitting a corporate job.

Shine through surviving a single pregnancy.

Shine through embracing motherhood to a black son in America.

Shine through writing my first book.

Shine through creating the 1st coaching card deck for black men.

Shine through it all.

"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within."

 –Maya Angelou

We all have a story to tell, but that's not the point. The point is never to let anything stop you from living a life full of nourishing experiences. I grow through life. My experiences could have killed me–If not physically, then my spirit. No matter what they are, I choose growth through embracing the lessons unapologetically. 

Continued Expansion = Choosing to grow no matter what.


The challenge is, that growth can be uncomfortable. The more evidence I need to become aware of, the more painful the experiences are to wake me up. I learned it was best to leave whatever disturbed my peace sooner than later to avoid the cost of a big shake-up.


Along the way, I have had coaches, mentors, & an army of support, of which I will forever be grateful. They allowed me to embrace my shine no matter the circumstances because they help me grow.


Motto: "The better I get the better my life gets."

I invite you to grow with me as your coach.

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