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Sustainable Success

Sustainable Success

Sustainable success is NEVER built through competition

This week I have been studying the art of success through the book "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles. There are so many angles one can look at for getting rich, but the angles presented in this book really resonated with me. One thing for sure, the mindset of competition comes from a place of lack, and nothing rooted in lack will last. We have to cultivate the idea of togetherness and abundance to gain sustainable success through our creations.

Competition suggests resources are limited and what you have aligned for you can be taken away by someone else. At times, when we are in a competitive mode, we attach haste to our creation in fear we are running out of time and someone may "outdo" us. Our intentions for our creation is now grounded in Ego and not Essence.

Ego V.S. Essence

Thinking back to when I worked in the corporate world and the titles one acquired would bring on a new ego identity to that particular person. If you were a Manager, Sr. Manager, Director, or Partner you behaved in a certain way and had expectations from others that came with those titles. The titles created a new ego identity. Our ego identities are how we perceive ourselves to be and the expectations that come with that. It is a created mindset and not one that naturally came about through our internal desires. The tricky part about ego identities is it causes us to have expectations that we hold ourselves and others too. When those expectations aren't met, it triggers us into negative emotions.

Essence, on the other hand, is our Devine nature. It is our pure and true calling. It has no expectations because it just is. Essence is driven by our spirt. When we are creating, it is a good practice to determine if you are creating from ego or essence. When we are connecting with our abundant nature in our creation, our work will be more lasting. It is in alignment. Ask yourself, what purpose is this for?

Questions from your coach

1. Are your goals based off Ego or Essence?

2. At what times do you find yourself competing with others?

3. How can you remain in your essence?

Hope this motivates you on this Monday morning! let me know your thoughts and feedback! If you would like to schedule a discovery session and work with me, select the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Remember, never give up on yourself!

Have a Happy Monday

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