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Your Storm is Your Friend

How do you remain calm during a storm?

Recently, I have been asked this question many times. How do you remain calm during a storm? This question can be answered in many ways and can vary from person to person. But for me, I've found a few ways to benefit from my storms and not crumble. Keep reading if you wanna learn more.

For one, when I know there are things in life you just cannot avoid, I try to make friends with it–for example, obstacles or difficult times. "Obstacles in life are inevitable, but misery is optional." I live by this quote since the first time a good friend of mine said it to me. Because of this fact, I have to make friends with the obstacles I face in life.

The key factor in friendships is getting to know and understand the friend is listening to what they bring to the table and learning from the experiences they have faced. When it comes to obstacles, I treat them the same. Realizing they are there to show me what was actually going through my mind and now it is up to me to decide how I can use it to teach me about what I really want to create.

The more you experience what you don't want, the more you gain clarity on what you do want.

What we experience in life is what we think about the most. When we are facing obstacles, we are noticing thoughts that are the complete opposite of what we want to experience. Obstacles give us a chance to get clear on what we actually do want so we can be in the path to attract that.

Our storms are designed to teach us about ourselves and not defeat us. We have all of the power to overcome them by learning from them and using them to empower us to create realities we do want to create. We all face obstacles in life, I challenge you to become the Oak tree, standing firm and tall during your biggest storm.

Ask your Coach

I always give you all the questions, but I want to hear from you. Respond to this email and let me know what you would like to hear about from me. What are some questions you would like to ask your coach?

Questions from your coach

1. What is your storm teaching you?

2. How can you remain calm during your storm?

3. Write out the new desires you learned about from your storm.

Hope this motivates you on this Monday morning! let me know your thoughts and feedback! If you would like to schedule a discovery session and work with me, select the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Remember, never give up on yourself!

Have a Happy Monday

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