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Let Your Path Come to You

Let the path come to you

Interestingly enough, we all are programmed to be seekers. The popular quote, "seek and you shall find," is one that many of us have heard before. But what if we allow ourselves to be found and receive without seeking?

Lately, I have been on an Abraham Hicks wave where I listen to at least two of her talks a day. She raised an interesting thought–the idea that the path comes to you. The path you have always been seeking. The path that leads you to the life that you've always wanted. All we have to do is prepare ourselves to receive.

The analogy of a woman being pregnant and it taking almost 10 months for the baby to be born made so much sense to me. There is a gestational period where the child is being developed in the womb. The mother doesn't have to seek out an arm or feet, she just trusts that all of the parts will come together. Her only job is to prepare herself for the blessing she is about to receive.

Everything we want has a gestational period. The length of our gestational period is determined by how prepared we are to receive. If you believe in the Law of Attraction, then you understand that you receive everything you are a match to. Prepare yourself for that job, partner, relationship, finances, health that you want and allow everything to come to you.

How to prepare

Preparation is key. Whatever you are experiencing right now is telling us what thoughts you have going on in your head. Most importantly, it is revealing to us the patterns we believe to be true. I say pattern because one thought can only take us so far, but a repetition of thoughts give the energy to manifest into reality. We prepare by reprogramming our thoughts and our emotions.

Use what you are experiencing to teach you about what you want. Write down this new desire so you can see it on a piece of paper. Go deeper and think about what feelings and emotions this new desire will bring. The feeling is what we seek behind every desire. Create a habit where you say and feel these new desires before or after bed for at least 21 days. It takes 21 days to build a new habit. Stay with these emotions and watch your path show up for you.

Questions from your coach

1. What are your current experiences teaching you about your predominant thoughts?

2. How can you use your current experience to teach you about what you truly want?

3. Write out the new emotions you want to feel from a desired out come and read everyday for 21 Days.

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