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Frequency Friday!!

Spiritual Guide

"If you have drawn this card upright, it is appropriate to seek guidance at this time. Who are you compelled to seek guidance from. Now is not the time or place to "figure it out alone" Admit to yourself that you need help, figure out exactly what you need help with. Look for someone that can help you. If you feel the need, see a second or third opinion. Internalize the advice you receive and check it against your inner knowing. Does their advice or help resonate with you at this time? If so, why? Put any new knowledge you receive from others to the test."- Teal Swan Frequency Deck


How ironic, yesterday, this was the topic of discussion for me and today, I pulled this card! Man, it is crazy how your frequency can be picked up based on where you are at currently. Obviously, I am a major influence on the cards pulled today and if read this, so are you.

To back up a little, if you are unfamiliar with who Spiritual Guides are let me tell you. Guides can be a physical human or a spiritual entity. It is believed that we all have a spiritual family that walks with us through this lifetime to help guide us here on earth. Some may be your ancestors, an animal, your Higher Self, or just another entity that is just interested in following your life. They are with us to help guide and protect us and can help us if we allow them to. The choice is yours.

I posted a video yesterday saying that I reject my guides because I am afraid. Before I meditate, I announce to them to not show up because I am not ready. I got a reading done today by Sienna Van Dunk and she asked me to call my guides forward to help gain some clarity in my reading. Ironically, I am not afraid to do this when I have someone with me to help. So I did, and my reading was absolutely amazing. I received everything I needed to help me move forward on my journey. I thanked my guides for their assistance and realized that they are here to help me and not harm me. Due to societal views, we are taught that exploring the spirit world is demonic, crazy, or scary. It is time to put those notion to rest and realize that we are existing among many things non-physical and our families, whether physical or not, are here to help us learn and grow.

This card gives us the opportunity to check in and see where we need help. We have to sometimes let go of pride and realize we can't do it alone. Ask for help but still allow your intuition to come in and fact check to see if it actually resonates with you. You are smarter and wiser than you believe.

I am so grateful for this message today. It showed me that I need to go a little deeper into my spiritual side and not be afraid. What are some ways you see yourself blocking and resisting your growth because you are afraid to ask for help? Allow yourself to receive from the help and family you have surrounding you. My biggest take away from this card and this day is to go deeper. Go deeper into yourself via meditation or reflection and see where you are resisting the help you need from the family that surrounds you.

Enjoy your weekend.

This deck is different from the normal tarot decks because it is solely based off of your current vibration right now. The concept behind this deck is that your frequency is constantly changing every time you share space with anyone or anything and are a match. So right now, if you are someone reading this message, you are a match and this message is exactly what you need to hear at this moment. I had no clue the amount of insight and clarity I was going to receive when I purchased this deck. I love this deck and want to use it as a tool to help you.

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