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Frequency Friday!!

The Frequency Deck has spoke again!! This deck is different from the normal tarot decks because it is solely based off of your current vibration right now. The concept behind this deck is that your frequency is constantly changing every time you share space with anyone or anything and are a match. So right now, if you are someone reading this message, you are a match and this message is exactly what you need to hear at this moment. I had no clue the amount of insight and clarity I was going to receive when I purchased this deck. I love this deck and want to use it as a tool to help you.

I let the card fall out of the deck, and it was extremely fitting for me. Each card in this deck has a message behind it. Whether the card is upright or upside down tells us the specific message behind each one. Today's pull is Comfort (right side up).

Card 1: Comfort

This card reads: "It is OK to ask for comfort and it is OK to seek comfort out. Life does not have to be so hard. There is no virtue in struggling. To get to the state you want to achieve, you need to let go of your attachment to discomfort and to the idea that things need to be hard to be worth something. The greatest clarity is achieved when we are in a state of ease. Deep down, you crave the soothing, settle, cozy feel of wellbeing. But you need to actually allow yourself to have it instead of denying yourself of it. What are you not letting yourself do or have, because you thing that letting yourself do or have it will mean that you are weak?." - Teal Swan Frequency Deck.


As I read the context on this card, what kept coming up for me is pride. Sometimes we have so much pride, that we make life harder on ourselves. We don’t allow ourselves to feel vulnerable and allow others to step in and comfort us. We look at being weak as a bad thing, but being able to embrace your weak moments is a sign of strength.

Some of us, like myself, are extremely critical of ourselves. This also can make you resist comfort from others because you fail to provide comfort to yourself. It is ok to be weak. It is ok to need someone at times. We are humans, so naturally receiving comfort and companionship is essential to our existence.

Another great point made on this card is the attachment to struggle. Life does not have to always be hard for it to be worth living. When we find ourselves thinking, "anything worth having is worth fighting for," I want you to challenge where you first learned this rule for yourself. Also, ask yourself how is it serving you in your current situation. It is time for us to evaluate some of the beliefs we have been holding on to that bring no value into our lives.

How can you allow yourself to be comforted at times when you are feeling weak?

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