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Frequency Friday!!

3 cards pulled from my frequency deck to bring clarity, healing, and purpose leading into your weekend

The Frequency Deck has spoke again!! This deck is different from the normal tarot decks because it is solely based off of your current vibration right now. The concept behind this deck is that your frequency is constantly changing every time you share space with anyone or anything and are a match. So right now, if you are someone reading this message, you are a match and this message is exactly what you need to hear at this moment. I had no clue the amount of insight and clarity I was going to receive when I purchased this deck. I love this deck and want to use it as a tool to help you.

I let the card fall out of the deck, and it was extremely fitting for me. Each card in this deck has a message behind it. Whether the card is upright or upside down tells us the specific message behind each one. Today's pull is Moving Forward (right side up).

Card 1: Moving Forward

This card reads: "The time has come to move forward in your life. This card is the card of momentum. You can feel the universe calling you forward into change and into the new. This should not be a time of quite reflection. This is also not a time to stall. We have the tendency to hold ourselves back in our lives because of fear or limiting beliefs. If you have drawn this card, you have received the message to not hold yourself back. If you feel stuck or plateaued, movement in any direction will get closer to what you want. You can no longer avoid moving towards you success and progression. Move Forward." - Teal Swan Frequency Deck.


This card came in perfect timing with what I am experiencing today. How many of us get in our own way? I know for sure I can be my own enemy. I am sure we all can relate in some way, shape, or form, but what would your life look like if you got out of your own way and decided to move forward? Don't wait "until", do it now. For me, this came in perfect timing because I decided to get out of my own way and start really putting myself out there with coaching and what I can offer. I have been setting up meetings and each time I present I get a little more confident and realizes that everything I want is out there, I just have to stay out of my own way and move forward to receive it.

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