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Frequency Friday!!

3 cards pulled from my frequency deck to bring clarity, healing, and purpose leading into your weekend

Today, I decided to do a Past, Present, and Future 3 card spread. It tells us what's holding us back in our past, where we are currently, and what we need to do in the future. I let the cards fall out of the deck, and they could not have been more fitting!

Each card in this deck has a message behind it. Whether the card is upright or upside down tells us the specific message behind each one. Today's pull is Nostalgia (right side up), Self Trust (upside down), and Non Attachment (right side up). Let's jump right in!

Card 1: Nostalgia

This card reads: "Your desire to return to some aspect of your life that has passed in hindering your ability to be present in your life and it is hindering your progression. It is possible to be stuck in the past because we are focusing on the bad things that we experience, but a little-known fact is that it is possible to be stuck in the past because we are longing for the good things we experienced. If we keep our focus on the idea that "the good times" were in the past, we cannot live happy lives here and now. If you experienced something good then, you can have it again. And who is to say that what is coming for you won't be even better than what came before." - Teal Swan Frequency Deck.


Wow! How many of you are guilty of reminiscing on the past and wishing you had it again? I know for me, what came up was two things. The first thing was reminiscing on the good times in a past relationship and worrying about if I will get those times again, and also, thinking about the benefits of my previous career and wondering if I will get those benefits again. But as the cards said, if we don't let go of the past, we block ourselves from experiencing better in the future. Let the past stay where it is, the past. It all happened and it was for our greatest good. Sometimes we spend so much time in the past that we drag out our pain and miss out on what is most important, the present. What are some good memories you are holding on to from the past that you believe will never happen again? What would change if you shifted your focus to knowing that better will come in the future?

Card 2: Self-Trust (upside down)

This card reads: "You are consumed with uncertainty. You are giving into the idea that you do not know what is best for you. Part of you is worried that other people who "know more than you do"; know what is best for you. Because of this, you often choose what you think you are supposed to choose. You are allowing yourself to be who you are told that you are. The result is that you have lost trust in yourself. The cost of shaping yourself to fit the desires, preferences, and expectations of others, is losing yourself. And when you lose yourself, you become frozen without direction, unable to make your own choices. It's time to stop listening to others and to find yourself again. "- Teal Swan Frequency Deck.


This card resonates so much with who I used to be. The chronic people pleaser, the one who did what they were told was right. The one who always needed a second opinion from someone else before I made any decisions. Today, as I look back, I know how detrimental to the spirit this can be. It is like going to the shoe store, knowing you are a size 8 and letting someone convince you to get a size 9. It just does not fit. Maybe not the best example, but my point is, there is no cookie cutter way to live your life. No one can tell you what is best for you but you. There are mentors, sure! They can help give insight based on their experiences, but at the end of the day, only you are experiencing your life. This is why I love the modality of coaching so much. We know that you hold all of the answers to make the BEST decisions in your life, but we just help you dig them out. They ultimately come from you and not us. Learn to develop more trust in yourself by making decisions based off of what you believe is best for you. Trust me, you don't want to be in your 50s and 60s realizing that you have no clue who you really are. Make this a practice now. What can you do today to show yourself that you trust yourself?

Card 3: Non-Attachment

This card reads: "Now is the time to practice non-attachment. Release your attachment to outcomes and permanence. Take more of a back seat to the Universe so you can allow it to offer you what is in alignment with your highest good because in your current state, your perspective might be limited. Keep your mind and actions focused on what you want. But try to release your desperation for what you desire. This card suggests that you would benefit by releasing your grasp to people, concepts, things, cravings, etc. When you release your grasping to a certain outcome, you are actually making the space for an even better option to take its place."- Teal Swan Frequency Deck.


This card is really telling us to release control. How many of us want to control the future. Sometimes we hold such a tight grip on the future that we can't even see that it is hindering our future. This card tells us that the Universe or whatever you believe in has a much larger pull of outcomes that we don't have the potential to even think of. Sometimes, it is best to leave it in the Universe's hands. Don't become so attached to people, concepts, things, cravings, etc, as the cards say, especially when it is holding you back. Non-attachment teaches us to stay in the now and focus on what we can control. Use this card to remind you that everything is temporary in life and embracing the present moment. How are your attachments serving you right now?

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