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Embrace your Fearfulness

Face your fears!

Step into your power!

Be fearless!

We hear everyone who wants to be bold say that they are fearless. I found myself repeating this same mantra every morning as a way for me to stop fear from happening. But the more I demanded of myself, the more I was up against fear and I found the challenges becoming more difficult.

Why won't our fears stop?

The truth of it is, we are actually FEARFUL. It is a part of the human experience. Fear is constant. No matter what you do and who you are, you are always up against fear. Since fear is a constant, we have to find ways to let fear work for you. In other words, we have to find the variables and let them work for you. Make it work to fuel you and not drain you.

How can you use your fears to fuel?

The best way to make something work to fuel you is to look at it as a part of you. Take it on as part of your identity. It's really hard to understand an aspect of you when you view it as separate from you. By taking your fears on as a part of your identity, you can use it to see what it is telling you about you. What safety net is being threatened by this fear? The truth is, fear wouldn't occur if we didn't feel like we had something to lose. What is it that you are losing?

How we view fear is the variable

In every fear we face, there is something to be learned. Since we are taking fear on as a part of use, by exploring it, we learn something about ourselves. How can you use these lessons to fuel you in life? Our perspective holds the measure on how we let fear affect us. Since we know no one is a stranger to fear, how is it that some people seem as if they are unstoppable and continue to accomplish their goals? The only difference is that fear does not stop them.

Embrace your fears and don't let it stop you.

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