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Who are you without your job?


We rebelled as teenagers because we wanted to be free. Free to be ourselves, but some parents had tight restrictions. As humans, we naturally desire to be free and a lot of our unhappiness is based on the fact that we feel trapped.

Trapped in our jobs, trapped in our families, and trapped in our bad habits. Many suffer because this desire isn't one to go away. It is your human nature to be free. It is your birthright. Hoping this desire to goes away would be successful if you denied being human.

When we think about slavery, we all have an image or idea that pops into our heads. The image or idea is subjective to each person. I wanted to take a deeper look, so I took away the image and broke it down to the action. Slavery is the act of removing one's freedom for the exchange of labor. Back when African's were slaves, they received housing, clothes, and food in exchange for their labor, (among other things, but just to stay on topic). Similarly, today slaves are provided a paycheck to support their housing, clothes, and food. Occasionally rewarded with 'vacation time.' The freedom is still gone and the labor is still there.

If you don't want to go as deep as calling it slavery, there are other ways to break it down. You get permission to take off, to eat, to start, to stop, and you're restricted on how you should look. There is nothing free in that. After years of being trained and programmed this way, you can imagine the level of cognitive dissonance you experience once this identity is removed.

Who are you without your job..?

Who are you without your job? This is the question that circles back around like a boomerang when taking the step into the "Entrepreneur Land." Your emancipation is like gold. You can't put a price on it because you know your value will increase in time. This time you fully benefit from the return on your investment.

As sweet as it may sound, the process is very difficult. Think about all of the years you spent being someone else. Holding on to your identity of being an Accountant, a Marketer or whatever you do with great pride because now you have an approved purpose. This has been "YOU." When you are asked the popular question, "So... what do you do?" you always respond with your description of who you are and what you do like it's a recital. Your response is subconsciously programming this identity for you.

When you realize you are truly free, again the question floats back, "Who are you now without your job?" You finally have a chance to figure out what you actually stand for. Who you are of your choosing. Something that is our birthright and what we are designed to have now become a quest to be discovered. It's liberating. Not many people ever experience choosing themselves.

You begin to find yourself.

You can't find yourself if you aren't willing to lose yourself. You have to let go. If you hold on to who you think you should be, you will never find out who you truly are. Without freedom, you are truly blocked. Your life is filled with so many distractions that you never free yourself to allow the space for you to find you. During your downtime, the last thing you want to do is work; and we find things to give a release. Drinking, smoking, or even watching television. We are so drained working for others that we don't have the energy to work on ourselves. When your time is free, the digging starts. You dig and dig and find out things about you that you never thought existed. Old wounds will rise up as you start to go within. You will soon realize that you've been distracted from your wounds for a while and its now time to face them. You start over as a baby, learning to walk this new life until you find your ground. And as you face your wounds you realize......

Gaining your freedom will birth a new life in you. The possibilities are endless.

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