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You are Goals

Stop chasing perfection!

From birth, we were molded by our parents, teachers, family members and religious leaders. We were taught if we did something right you get a reward and if we did something wrong we get punished. Although this may have seemed like a just system, the subconscious damage is life-altering.

As we grow, we subconsciously chase this idea that we have to be perfect. This restricts us from being who we truly are, imperfect. In a world so tainted, we glorify what we believe to be perfect in other people and call them "goals." You are your own damn goals!

There is no one way to live and there is no one look in life. Had we been raised to embrace our uniqueness and our special talents, we would be confident in what we can bring to the table. Instead, we live a life trying to please and fit in.

It is time to nurture your greatness. You were designed to be great in your own way. Stop waiting for approval to be you. Just live life-based on how you feel and what makes you happy. It may take some time to get to know yourself a little better, but you are worth it.

Give yourself a chance. The world is waiting to know your name.

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