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Up against F.E.A.R

When we were first born, we came into this life as pure love. We had no clue how to differentiate good and bad or right and wrong. Our parents transferred their filters over to us and we incorporated them into our current guiding system. This is when we first started to develop fear.

I am no one to dwell on the surface, so let's go a little deeper into the root of what fear actually is. Fear is the emotional expression of a subconscious wound. This means anytime we are up against fear, we are likely to be poking at a wound that has not been healed. A wound that was developed in our childhood years.

As adults, we believe we are experiencing new emotions and new reactions to the situations we go through in life, but this is the farthest from the Truth. In actuality, everything we react to as adults is a reflection of a similar situation that has occurred in the past, which taught us to apply whatever specific judgment or reaction to the current situation.

When we come across fear, we are actually coming across a wound that is not healed. A lot of times we think by sweeping issues under the rug they will miraculously disappear. What we are actually doing is pushing the issue to our subconscious side; the side we aren't aware of. We still carry the issue, but we have forced ourselves to become unaware.

Fear allow our wounds to surface and when you actually go through with the act, all of the suppressed emotions from that wound will now start to emerge. This can be a very painful process, which is why many "play it safe." They aren't ready to face something they have been suppressing for years.

So now we can look at fear as an indicator of an unhealed wound and realized this is just a part of us that needs to be healed. By healing this wound, we now open up our perception of what we once thought was fear and realize that fear is actually another approach for growth. That is why fear is not real. We tend to magnify our fears when we aim our attention toward it. Understand that growth is uncomfortable and truly stepping into your power is stepping into your "fear."

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