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Cyndy A


Celicia helped me through one of the most difficult and challenging periods of my life. She helped me lift myself out of the darkness I was stuck in and helped me cultivate a light heart and maintain a positive perspective, even while my life circumstances continued to be extremely challenging. She helped me get better at prioritizing self care and helped me see the opportunities that are present in my current situation. Celicia listened in a way that made me feel heard and understood. Consistent with her client-centered coaching style, Celicia never tried to impose her ideas or values on me. She made it clear that her job as a coach was not to give me her answers but to help me find my own. Her insights and her nonjudgmental attitude are a gift. Her recommendations—for podcasts to listen to or assignments to help me gain clarity and understanding—were always right on target. She didn’t hesitate to refer me to the work of other people, like Teal Swan or Eckhart Tolle, if she thought they might help me; and they did!! These, along with other problem solving resources, are the gifts that keeps on giving...providing ongoing support that continues to make a positive difference in my life. If you’re looking for a coach, I wholeheartedly recommend Celicia, without hesitation.


Chicago, Illinois

"Highly intelligent, skilled coach and down-to-earth young lady is what Celicia Shand exemplifies. I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Shand to learn how to unlock my full potential during our debriefing session for my energy leadership index (ELI) assessment. I was impressed with her level of expertise and ability to rationalize the results in such a clear and comprehensive manner. Celicia’s ability to keep me fully engaged during our conversation through the use of meaningful probing questions was equally imposing. As a person who is genuinely passionate about helping others better their lives through improved energy, Ms. Shand earns my highest recommendation. I am definitely looking forward to attending some of her local events in the upcoming month. Thanks for everything!"

Justin C.

Los Angeles, California

Some of my biggest takeaways from our sessions came in the process of

continually facing my most challenging issues. By getting comfortable with this

process, I was able to address and make real strides in areas of personal finance,

physical health and work/family stress. In the space created by Celicia I was able

to regularly look at difficult problems in life and reduce fear and confusion, and

leave wanting to take positive action.

​Celicia’s coaching style uses her exquisite listening skills to help guide client to

their own deep understanding. She is able to create a safe and fertile space where new and surprising discoveries can be made. She is calm and collected, but her passion for helping others to achieve their own unique well being shines through.

I gained a deeper insight into my own patterns of avoidance and stress after

working with Celicia. Through this process I honed my confidence in facing the

issues I have, as well as deepening my trust in myself to face the problems that

have yet to come. I feel stronger, lighter, and more able to address the challenges

of life.

Portia H.

Chicago, Illinois

“Often times some of us are in denial about needing some type of therapy or coaching. I at some point was one of those people until I discovered continued expansion.  Celicia helped me to discover solutions and not just discuss problems. Her coaching is meaningful, powerful and essential. My experience with her aided me in a few areas of healing where I thought there would always be a wound.  Her breathing and centering exercises, assignments, and forwardness are exactly the elements I needed for successful sessions. Also, her willingness to be transparent about her own life while putting her client first made me incredibly comfortable and relaxed during our sessions.   She is amazing and I am grateful for the lessons of self-discovery she helped me through. ”

Joseph P.

Chicago, Illinois

This experience was definitely new and different for me. I feel like I gave Celicia a very difficult time. She really had to dig deep with me. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a guy or because I'm more of a physical being. She was very patient and continued to work with me and help me with the mental part of life to get me where I wanted to be. I don't believe to many people can have this level of patients and understanding. I never felt rushed and I was always comfortable with her level of professionalism. She worked around my super busy schedule and I appreciate that. Would I recommend her to others.....of course! I also plan on having more sessions when I'm not as busy!


Annette T.

Chicago, Illinois

I attended Cece's manifesto and the atmosphere was very enlightening and relaxing. She also provided a wonderful vegan buffet which opened your mind to another aspect of your wellbeing

Julian S.

Chicago, Illinois

I could tell I was going to have a wonderful time as soon as I stepped into the building. The guest who attended were very respectful. After completing the exercise we were treated to a wonderful vegan dish. I will say the food was amazing. I have no regrets attending this event. And I would suggest anyone looking to clear their mind should give it a try.

Remona B.

Chicago, Illinois

I attended Celicia’s Manifesto workshop and really enjoyed myself. The atomosphere was perfect just gave great tips on meditation and I was able to create my own manifesto. The food was also amazing.

Nicole O.

Chicago, Illinois

I recently attended one of CeCe’s workshops and it was amazing! I was able to really think about the goals I want to accomplish in life. Not only was I able to think about it, I actually have a hard copy that I’m able to look at everyday, which reminds me to work on what I want to see in my future.

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