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The deck has 50 affirmation cards and 2 instruction cards. Each card has an affirmation, description, and coaching questions.


  • The goal of the affirmation deck is to teach men/boys positive aspects of themselves (Knowledge).
  • The goal of the explanation is to provide more evidence to what they are affirming (Belief).
  • The goal of the coaching questions are to get them in the habit of thinking for themselves. (Self-Trust).


The deck encourages knowledge, belief, and self-trust to build the confidence to succeed through any experience life throws at them.


Message to brown boys and men:


Your energy is like your battery level. Your battery charge is what determines what you will receive in your life. A low battery in a flashlight will produce a dim light, as opposed to a fully charged one which will produce a bright light. When we constantly experience draining situations, we tend to forget how to charge our battery and remain stuck in misery.


Brown boys and Brown men, this world may seem like a scary place for you, but I see you and need you to keep your battery level high in order to receive the best experiences in life.


This affirmation deck will recharge your battery. Affirmations bring you back to positive thoughts which will trigger positive emotions. Positive emotions are like your battery charger. Use this deck to charge you up! 

Masculine Energy Deck

  • No refund or exchanges

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