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From womanizers to liars to men on the down-low, emotionally abusive to physically abusive, sociopaths, and narcissists—all seemed to be my type. When I looked at my dating history and found most of my relationships were toxic, I realized, Girl, you may have an addiction.


Some addictions are sneaky because they mask themselves in normality. We seek the broken love we were taught in hopes that one day it will change faces in a subconscious attempt to heal what we’ve always wanted in our past. In this society where “struggle love” is idolized and healthy relationships are just too good to be true, we seek to redefine love.


I got tired of the “struggle love” and relationships that drained my soul of all the goodness I had written in my destiny. I had to find a way to feel better, think positively, and create the experiences I deserved. Retiring the long nights of sadness and drenching my pillow in warm tears—I decided to take responsibility for everything that had happened to me thus far. Yes, EVERYTHING—the slaps, the cheating, and the low value I placed on myself—because at the end of the day, it’s me.

At the End of the Day, It's Me

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