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Success Is At Your Fingertips

Success Is At Your Fingertips

It is brought to my attention that many folks in the Midwest have not yet grasped the idea of what a Life Coach does or how the process works. On a grand scale, we may have an idea of what coaching is through the work of Tony Robbins and Iyanla Vanzant, but they don't really outline the detail of the process of coaching. Some may view a coach as therapy and a friend, but above all, the process of coaching is what makes it all possible. And the goal of coaching is to bring you towards SUCCESS.

To be brutally honest, there are those who like to sit in their misery and there are those people who like to take action. Coaching is for those who want to take action. People who sit in their misery might come to coaching when they can no longer endure the pain, but for the most part, coaching is not for them. Coaching is of those who are willing to commit to themselves and what they want to accomplish. There is real work involved. The motivational piece of all of this is that you are never stuck. There are so many options and people who are out there dedicating their lives to helping others live a better life for themselves. They are simply at your fingertips if you want to get involved. If you are interested to learn more about the steps of coaching, take a look at the breakdown below.

Coaching Process

1. Current Situation

Let's try to understand where you are right now and where you want to go. What is taking place in your life that is no longer serving you? Where do you want to go?

2. Brainstorm Options

Two heads are better than one. With a coach, we can come up with goals that are actually attainable. Many times people fail with achieving their goals because they are simply too big of a stretch. Baby steps will get you there. Let's brainstorm some ideas.

3. Choose Option

Out of all of the options we brainstormed, which one are you willing to commit to.

4. Create a Plan

Let's plan how we will execute. This may be a schedule, a calendar reminder, or a simple text. What does your plan look like for this week? We move week by week.

5. Put the Plan into Play

How can I hold you accountable? What do you think might get in the way?

6. Analyze your results

How did you do? What can we do to improve? What did you learn about yourself? Let's celebrate.

You are never stuck

You are never stuck. If you would like, try this process with yourself if you currently can't afford a coach or need more time to decide. There are options out there for you no matter what you are going through. The object of the game is moving forward. Remember I am also a part of your team. Reach out if you have any questions.

Questions from your coach

1. What are some benefits you've gained from this process?

2. How can you apply this to a goal in your life?

3. Would you work with a coach if you had the chance?

Hope this motivates you on this Monday morning! let me know your thoughts and feedback! If you would like to schedule a discovery session and work with me, select the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Remember, never give up on yourself!

Have a Happy Monday

Beach Meditation & Yoga is coming back!

Beach Meditation and Yoga Kick off was amazing. Kemetic Yoga definitely brings your inner God/Goddess. We experienced this on Saturday and it was so powerful.

It is not too late, sign up for the next session!

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