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Dealing with Judgment

Real Talk

I want to just talk to you all as if I am speaking to my friends, and essentially, I am. Lately, I've had to really let this word sink in due to a life-changing circumstance that seems to be the invitation for unsolicited advice, questions, and comments. From my Mother's Day Newsletter, many of you who read it or follow me on social media know I announced my pregnancy. It wasn't until I decided to step into the life of motherhood that I realized the pressure society places on individuals just trying to live their lives.

There are so many expectations out there for how you should live your life. Some say to go to college, get a great job, find a nice partner, get married, buy a house, have children, and then have some more. This path for sure will guarantee you what?... Happiness? I've seen many take this path and still end up unhappy, and many who didn't and are completely happy. No matter how you decided to live your life, there are no bypassing obstacles. And, there is no one cookie cutter blueprint way to life.

Understanding Judgment

Judgment comes from the past. It is usually based off of past actions being analyzed as wrong in the present moment. There is nothing we can do about the past. It is no longer current. All we have is the present moment. Living in the past will only bring unpleasant thoughts that no longer serve us. Even if they are good thoughts, we wish we could have them again which is not possible. And the negative thoughts put us in a place of suffering all over again. Judgment is punishment for making what we or someone else perceives as a "mistake," but the reality of it all is there are no mistakes. This is a program from our childhood years where we were loved when we did as our parents said and punished when we didn't. Everything is a part of the master plan. We make choices to the best of our level of consciousness and we expand through the contrast. To release judgment is to stay in the present and envision a future that brings us joy.

Reality Check

We are all a unique expression of the Universe and all there is to experience. Today, I stand for the student who realized the college route isn't for them, the man who doesn't want to have children, the woman who doesn't want to get married, the family desperately trying to conceive a child, the teenager who got pregnant, the husband who lost his job, the wife that has to divorce her alcoholic husband, the daughter who has to leave work to take care of a parent, the entrepreneur who is working hard to create their own way even though the future is unclear, and every other anomaly that gets harshly judged by others.

Understand judgment only affects you if you believe them to be true. They only penetrate through holes of uncertainty within YOURunderstanding of YOURSELFand YOUR situation. No situation has meaning until you assign it one. When someone casts their judgment onto you, it is merely a reflection of them and has nothing to do with you. You still remain in power of your thoughts.

This Monday, I encourage you to live your life how you best see fit! Make mistakes, try again, but most importantly learn along the way. This life was designed for expansion and that only comes through contrast. You are an amazing being just as you are you just have to believe.

Questions from your coach

1. What are some judgments you've passed on yourself?

2. How can you find ways to forgive yourself?

3. How can you remain grounded after receiving judgment from others?

Hope this motivates you on this Monday morning! let me know your thoughts and feedback! If you would like to schedule a discovery session and work with me, select the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Remember, never give up on yourself!

Have a Happy Monday

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