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Laser Coaching Summer Promtion

3 common challenges individuals face: 


1)What the hell is coaching?

2) Do I have the time? 

3) Can I afford it?


SOLUTION: "Unlimited 15 Minute Laser Coaching"


 July 8th to September 8th 

"Unlimited 15 Minute Laser Coaching" sessions for a one-time payment of $198.

This is less than $100/ month and a normal coaching package is $500/month. You won't find a better deal!


How it works:

  1. Make your 1-time payment of $198 to Zelle @info@continuedexpansion.com

  2. Schedule your 15-minute sessions on my calendar whenever you need to speak to me. (Limit 1 Call per day)

  3. Each call ends with an assignment to move you forward. 

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